Unfaithful 2002 Full Movie Download

31 May

Unfaithful 2002 Full Movie Download
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Director: Adrian Lyne
Writers: Claude Chabrol, Alvin Sargen
Stars: Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Olivier Martinez
Connie Sumner is a beautiful married woman with handsome husband Edward Sumner (Richard Gere),nice house and a child.Family lives in suburban New York.She is still missing something.One day she was about to take taxi to home,when she is approached a young stranger boy Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez).With time both of them comes closer to each other and Connie falls into an extra marital affair. Her husband finds about her affair. Connie and her husband also comes to know about the dark motives of Paul, but things are already too late for them now. Watch more thriller movies for free at home from putlockeruhd website.


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